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Autumn is here, and luckily, so is our Autumn 21 collection. Featuring warm layers, upgraded essentials and new-season trends to get you through the colder months in comfort and style.

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Classic. Timeless. Carefully crafted. 

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Progressive. Refined. On trend. 

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Casual. Contemporary. Workwear inspired. 

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Raw. Edgy. Quintessential denim.

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Wardrobe essentials. Long-lasting
designs. Sustainable fibres.

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Commercial. Most-wanted pieces.

Entry price level.


Premium leather. Authentic craftsmanship. Handmade in Portugal.

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Comfortable classics. Season essentials.

A personal touch. 


Sustainability is a major focus to us. In fact, it’s one of our core values. But we are not a sustainable brand. We recognise the inherent contradictions that exist between fashion, consumption and sustainability. Afterall, these are, in many ways, mutually exclusive. But do we need to give up on fashion in order to take sustainability seriously? Our relationship with our clothes is a complicated one. We can’t live without them, but we can make the pieces we choose to invest in count. Of course, lasting and real change requires everyone to get involved. Us. You. It calls for us all to choose better. To keep learning, trying, changing, and improving.

Every day we try to do better. 


expresses our passion for great quality and a tailored 
approach with a focus on minimalism for the modern man.
He is able to mix and match the different styles, but boring is never a part of that. Every style is in tune with the current tendencies, but with a classic twist. The quality is never compromised, ensuring styles that will last.