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MAIN #3 '23

When everything else is stripped away, what remains is the soul of the garments. A refined quality that speaks for itself. A Nordic sense of simplicity designed for a long life.

There is a lot to discover. 

Have a closer look.


79%* of this collection is made with

organic, recycled or other certified

and branded materials.

* Based on styles containing a minimum of 50% organic, recycled or other certified and branded materials. Shoes not included. Certified and branded materials are materials that are proven to have less environmental impact on climate, water, energy or chemicals when compared to conventional materials of the same category.

Brand Stories

This collection’s key stories that reflect the signature SELECTED expression. Brand Stories are communicated across all channels and will always be supported by marketing efforts.


/ To convey our brand’s look and feel

/ To tell a clear story throughout the season

/ To improve brand recognition 



/ A 360 degree focus on brand stories

/ Supported by image and video material

/ Supported by marketing on SELECTED channels

/ Supported by influencer marketing

/ Highlighted in press releases

SELECTED HOMME expresses the quality of fine tailoring and everyday clothing. It’s all about individuality with attention to detail and outstanding craftsmanship whilst staying true to simplicity made for workdays, weekends and everything in between. The modern man goes for an authentic and contemporary style by mixing his classic wardrobe staples with fresh seasonal additions. Effortless lifestyle choices made for natural living.


Responsibly Crafted is our brand philosophy. A holistic business approach that guides us across our company. It is our commitment to rethink the way we produce and consume fashion. From reducing our environmental impact to supporting human rights and animal welfare.

We care. And we believe.


We believe in using the right materials. 

/ In materials that limit waste, emissions and water usage. 

/ In materials sourced with respect for animals, farmers and their land.

We believe in longevity.

/ In testing and designing garments to last.

/ In helping consumers care for their garments the right way.

We believe in circularity.

/ In designing for recycling and renewing used clothes for a new life.

/ In restorative ways of designing that supports a circular economy.


We believe that together, we can make a difference.


Keep reading, and we’ll tell you how.

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